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Bridgewater Equity Release

This provider offers Home Reversion plans that are suitable for customers over 65 who own their own home. Your home is probably your most valuable asset and with these schemes you can make use of this cash without having to move. You must be willing to sell at least a 25% share of your property or a minimum of £25,000 - whichever is the lowest.

The scheme enables you to release the capital that is available in your home to improve your standard of living during retirement, make a large purchase or simply pay for a special occasion. The company has been offering these services for over 40 years and as a member of Safe Homes Income Plan (SHIP) Bridgewater Equity Release will guarantee that you will be able to live in your home as long as you wish and that you can also decide to move to a different property. You can choose to use the cash that is released to generate a regular income or you can receive it as a lump sum. The amount of cash you can release will depend upon your age, gender and the value of your property. You will be selling a share in your property and this could be up to 100%, you will not pay rent on the share that you have sold, if you need to move a suitable alternative property in the future then the plan is transferable.

You will be required to speak with a financial advisor before being accepted for a Home Reversion Plan, this plan can affect your tax position, entitlement to state benefits and will have implications for your inheritance planning. The company advise that you also speak with your family before taking out the plan.


Bridgewater Equity Release Mortgage Products

Maximum Release Plan: You release 100% of the property's value but retain the right to live in your home for as long as you wish.

Flexible Release Plan: You can release less than 100% of the property value and continue to benefit from any rise in house prices that will affect your own share of the property. You can also choose to sell further shares later on.

Secured Escalating Release Plan: You can agree to receive regular escalating payments for an agreed period of time.

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