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Buckinghamshire Building Society

Based in Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshireshire since 1907 and now serving over 13,000 members this is a mutual society which means that there are no shareholders and all profits are used for the benefit of members. This mortgage provider has a range of products available including some joint equity schemes that involve investors taking a 25-50% interest in your home, these are very different to Government low cost, part ownership or key worker schemes but do allow you to buy your own home at an affordable price.

Buy to Let Mortgages are available at the Standard Variable Rate or as a Fixed Rate Mortgage over two or three years, the minimum deposit is 35% of the value of the property and your income must be over £25,000 per year.

For all products an Arrangement Fee will become payable upon application and is not refundable.

Buckinghamshire Building Society Mortgage Products

Standard Variable Rate: This is the rate that the society will charge above the Base of England Base Rate for the duration of the loan, monthly repayments may vary according to the rate set by the Bank of England and the Society's own rates. Maximum Loan to Value (LTV) is 75% and the minimum loan is £40,000. The maximum amount you may be able to borrow is £500,000.

If you repay part or all of the loan amount before the agreed term you will be charged a penalty fee but you are allowed to overpay up to 10% of the outstanding balance each year without incurring a fee.

Three Year Discounted Mortgage: This product will give a guaranteed discount on the Standard Variable Rate for a three year period, it will then switch to the Standard Variable Rate for the remainder of the loan term.

The minimum loan is £40,000 and the maximum is £500,000, with a maximum LTV of 75%.

If you repay the loan in whole or part, move your mortgage to another provider or different product during the discounted period, you will be charged an early repayment fee.

Two or Three Year Fixed Rate Mortgage: These home loans are available at either 65 or 75% LTV. The interest rate you pay will depend upon the deposit you are able to provide and also the length of the fixed term. So if you have a 35% deposit and opt for a two year fixed rate your interest will be lower than if you have a 25% deposit and choose a three year fixed rate.

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Buckinghamshire Building Society Mortgage Rates

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