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The Ecology Building Society

The Society was established in 1981 as a means for people to raise funds for properties requiring substantial renovation and is now committed to ecologically friendly and green alternatives to some building practices. The Society is based in West Yorkshire but approves mortgage loans across the UK. Members - who may be investors or borrowers are encouraged to be involved in the decision making process and attend the AGM every year to hear the financial reports and take part in discussions.

The Society is keen to lend to customers who are renovating old or dilapidated properties and to customers who may be building ecologically friendly new homes. Even if you do not consider your lifestyle to be particularly green or environmentally friendly the society may consider your renovation or building project to be worthwhile. The lending criteria is unique in that properties such as organic small holdings, community businesses and small woodland areas that are being purchased for conservation and preservation may all be considered. Home or landowners including those who are retired can all apply for a mortgage loan.

The Society has been awarded the Ethical Consumer Magazine 'Best Buy Status' for savings and mortgages.

Some of these products are specialised so discuss your needs with your mortgage advisor before making your application. An Early Repayment Charge will apply if you pay off more than 10% of your current debt in any month during the first four years of the mortgage loan.


Ecology Building Society Mortgage Products

Ecology Residential mortgages: If you are building a new home that is energy efficient you can apply for wide range of mortgage products including both fixed and variable rates.

Small Woodland mortgages: Loans are available for individuals and groups who would like to buy land for the purpose of preservation and protection. You can borrow between £7,000 and £500,000 and repay over a period of 10 to 25 years. The maximum loan to value is 70% and purchasers can borrow up to three times their income.

C-Change Discount mortgages: Yoy may be able to apply for these discounts if you install certain energy efficient products in your home, this might include double or triple glazing, water saving systems or floor, wall or roof insulation. You will be eligible for a 1% discount from the Standard Variable rate if your application is approved.

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Ecology Building Society Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Type Initial Rate Subsequent Rate APR Max LTV Fees & Charges Enquire Now
Residential Rate 4.9% Variable 4.9% Variable 4.8% 85% £250 Application Fee, plus Valuation Fee
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Woodland Rate 6.75% Variable 6.75% Variable     £250 Application Fee, plus Valuation Fee
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C-Change Discount rate 3.9% Variable 3.9% Variable   85% £250 Application Fee, plus Valuation fee
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