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Just Retirement Ltd

This specialist company offers lifelong equity release products that may be suitable for customers who are over 60 and who own their own home. You can choose to release some of the value in your property and receive a lump sum payment or a regular monthly income. You will then continue to live in your home until your death or when you move into a care home, at which point the property will be sold and the amount owing to Just Retirement Ltd must be paid.

You should be aware that this scheme will reduce your estate value and will therefore affect any inheritance you may plan to leave for your family or friends. The company recommends that you discuss the whole process with a professional advisor as well as family members before agreeing this kind of product. If you need a sum of money for any purpose it may be more tax efficient for your family to help out now and keep your property to be passed to them upon your death.

However these schemes may enable you to increase your regular income and enjoy your retirement, your home is probably the most valuable asset you have and can be used to improve your quality of life when you have stopped working.

Just Retirement Ltd belong to SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans) and it is guaranteed that you will never lose your home, be evicted or owe any money to the company - whatever happens to interest rates, the stock market or the housing market during your lifetime..

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