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The Santander Group has more banking branches worldwide than any other international bank and over 90 million worldwide customers. In the UK, Santander acquired the Abbey Bank in 2004 and went on to acquire Bradford and Bingley's savings accounts and branch offices as well as Alliance and Leicester in 2008. All branches and company profiling will soon come under the brand name Santander, giving UK customers access to over 1,300 branches.

Santander is now the second largest mortgage lender in the UK, it has won the 'Best Direct Lender Award' for the second year running from Your Money as well as the 'Best Re-mortgage Lender Award 2009/10' from Your Mortgage.

There are a very wide range of mortgages available, if you hold a current account with Santander (including with the acquired building societies) you may be eligible for exclusive mortgage offers. Over 30 fixed rate mortgage products and 20 tracker mortgage products with terms ranging from two to five years have options for first time buyers as well as new and existing customers who are moving home or re-mortgaging. There are a smaller range of flexible mortgage products that enable you to use your savings to 'offset' your outstanding mortgage balance, reducing your mothly re-payments considerably if you have a substantial amount saved. Buy-to-Let mortgages are offered by Santander for residential properties if the rental income will exceed your monthly repayment amount by at least 125%.

Most products will incur an Early Repayment Charge if you repay more than 10% of your mortgage balance each year, the amount you have to pay will depend upon the product and how far into the agreed term you are.

Santander Mortgage Products

Fixed rate mortgages: You can fix your interest rate for anything between 2 and 5 years and enjoy knowing that you will be able to budget your monthly re-payments for the agreed term. Your available deposit and how long you decide to fix your rate for will affect the interest rate you pay. At the end of the term you will pay the Standard Variable Rate and your monthly repayments may go up or down depending upon the Bank of England Base rate.

Tracker rates: These products will be linked to the Bank of England Base rate and are therefore likely to fluctuate over the period of the loan. The tracker element of the product may make the rate you pay higher than the current Standard Variable Rate or it may make it lower.

Buy to Let mortgage: You may borrow between £25,001 and £1m and Santander are willing to consider both existing and new investors. There are some restrictions on the type of property you can buy, student lets can only have 3 tenants for example but each investor can increase their portfolio to a maximum of £5m.

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Santander Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Type Initial Rate Subsequent Rate APR Max LTV Fees & Charges Enquire Now
2yr Fixed Rate 3.24% Fixed 4.24% Variable 4.2% 70% £995 Booking Fee
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3yr Tracker Rate 3.09% Variable 4.24% Variable 4.0% 75% 0
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3yr Buy to Let 7.04% Fixed 4.24% Variable 6.7% 75% £2.499 Booking Fee
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